Brotherhood Railway Carmen Division
Transportation Communications Union/IAM
Heartland Lodge 6760
Lodge 6760 Officers

Chris Hiser, President

Adam Starnes, Vice President

Koery Jones, Recording Secretary

Korey Jones, Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Phil Bunch, Board of Trustees Chairman

James Seth, Board of Trustees Member

Cliff Jameson, Board of Trustees Member

James Ramey, Local Chairman

Chris Hiser. Vice Local Chairman - Louisville & Alternate Delegate

Phil Bunch, Sergeant At Arms

James Seth, Inner Guard

Eric Kratzer, Outer Guard

Korey Jones, Chaplain

Robert J. Sheid, Vice Local Chairman - Cincinnati

Brett Bickel, Vice Local Chairman - Roanoke, Road & Rail Services

Donald J. Scamp, Jr. Vice Local Chairman - Detroit

Korey Jones, Vice Local Chairman - Portsmouth

James D. Rice, Vice Local Chairman - Danville

Shane Mills, Vice Local Chairman - Fort Wayne

David S. Boggs, Vice Local Chairman - Jasonville, Indiana Railroad LMF

Phil Amadon, Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council Representative

Steven Pequignot, Webmaster


Lodge officers are elected to three-year terms by the members they represent. Elected officers assumed their respective offices January 1, 2020, and were installed at the January 2020 meeting. Appointed officers assumed their offices at the January 2020 meeting. The next election will be December, 2022.

Lodge 6760 represents members in the Mechanical Department on Norfolk Southern Railway Company, employed at Fort Wayne, Muncie & Huntingburg, Indiana; Detroit and Milan, Michigan; Montpelier, Columbus, Cincinnati & Portsmouth, Ohio; Louisville, Danville, Lexington & Ludlow, Kentucky. The Lodge also represents members at Road and Rail Services at Roanoke, Indiana and Indiana Railroad at Linton, Indiana. Additionally, the lodge has jurisdictional rights on Norfolk Southern at Indianapolis, Tipton, Frankfort, Peru, Argos, South Bend, Indiana; and Lima, Ohio. Fort Wayne Lodge was a member of the Nickel Plate Joint Protective Board No. 350 from 1937 until April 1992, when the Board was merged into the Finley Lines Joint Protective Board No. 200, which changed its name on May 1, 2000, to the Norfolk Southern Joint Protective Board No. 200. At the 40th Convention in 2005, Joint Protective Board No. 200 voted to surrender its Charter and turn over its $1.2 million treasury to the Grand Lodge. Since then Lodge 6760 has been a stand alone lodge, not affiliated with any Joint Protective Board.

On April 1, 2000, former locals at Cincinnati, Columbus Portsmouth, Detroit, Huntingburg, Louisville and Danville all consolidated with Fort Wayne Lodge. This action by the Grand Lodge created the largest lodge in the Carmen Division representing Norfolk Southern employees. Since then, the lodge has grown as more jobs have been created within the Lodge's jurisdiction.

In 2011, members of the former local at Marion, Ohio, employed by Union Tank Car Company, along with members from the former local at Roanoke, Indiana, employed by Road and Rail Services merged into Lodge 6760.

In 2012, employees of the Indiana Railroad voted to unionize and join TCU. They became members of Lodge 6760.

On August 22, 2012, the name of the lodge was changed to Heartland Lodge 6760 to better reflect the jurisdiction of the lodge.

During 2013 membership in the lodge exceeded 500 active members. Lodge 6760 is the second largest BRC/TCU Lodge in the United States.

In 2016, members employed at Union Tank Car Company in Marion, Ohio obtained their own charter for a new lodge. Those members were then transferred from Lodge 6760. We wish them well.

In August 2020, all lodge's including 6760 were transferred from Unit 200 to Unit 410, under the direction of Jason Cox, National Representative and Dennis Wilson, Assistant National Representative.

In 2021 all operations at Huntingburg, Indiana were closed. Due to increased business the Huntingburg Shop was re-opened in 2023.


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