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Changes for the Carmen Supplemental Sickness Benefit Plan

On April 3, 2006 Aetna completed its acquisition of the disability and leave management business provided by Broadspire, your provider for Supplemental Sickness Benefit Plan (R-5000) which is negotiated by the TCU Carmen Division on behalf of Carmen members working for the railroads covered by the National Agreement. The plan was previously administered by Broadspire briefly, and prior to that it was handled by Unum Provident Insurance Company for many years.

Aetna will administer the benefits according to the current contract; there have been no changes in the negotiated level of benefits. One important administrative change, however, is that instead of benefit payments being issued every 30 days, once benefit entitlement is established, Aetna will issue payments to members on a bi-weekly basis for the same time period covered by the Railroad Retirement Board for sickness benefits. Aetna will maintain a direct link to the Railroad Retirement Board, which should eliminate supplemental sickness payments from being delayed or withheld due to waiting for RRB entitlement status.

Members have the capability of filing claims by phone, internet or mail. Live call center agents are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, EST, 1-866-236-4089. When applying for an online account to Aetna, members should us Code RR as their Company ID.

Supplemental Sickness Benefits provided by Aetna Services, Inc., is based in Plantation, Florida and can be reached at:

Aetna Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 189145
Plantation, Florida 33318-9145
1-800-205-7651 or

Claims must be filed within 60 days of the start of disability. If you are unable to provide notice within 60 days due to your serious mental or physical injury or illness, you must provide notice of disability to Aetna as soon as improvement of that condition permits by one of the three provisions listed below:

  • The form should be submitted to Aetna Services, Inc., P.O. Box 189145, Plantation, FL 33318-9145.

  • You may also file your claim over the telephone by calling 1-800-205-7651

  • Online at www.wkabsystem.com.


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