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Medical Insurance Provider:
United Healthcare
Matteson Service Center
P. O. Box 30985
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130
telephone 800-842-9905
Group policy GA-23000
Web Site www.myuhc.com

Visit the UnitedHealthcare
Railroad Information Depot

A great source of health
care information for
Retired Railroad Members

For United Healthcare
Group policies GA-46000 & GA-23111
telephone 800-842-5252

NurseLine Services
Speak with a Registered Nurse
any time - 24/7
TTY/TDD callers 800-855-2880

Health care is provided by a Managed Medical Care Program (MMCP) to all qualified union members and their qualified dependants. This plan is available in many metropolitan areas of the United States. Additional coverage areas are included periodically.

All medical care services and procedures must be coordinated by the patient's Primary Care Physician (PCP). A patient co-payment required.

Qualified members and their families not covered by the voluntary MMCP above are covered by United HealthCare Comprehensive Health Care Benefit (CHCB). For customer service for CHCB call 800-842-5252.

For emergency care treatment call by the next business day.

TCU members are eligible for this insurance on the first day of the calendar month after first rendering the Requisite Amount of Compensated Service, which is currently seven days in the previous calendar month.

Dependants of eligible employees become covered on the same day as the member. However, benefits do not apply with respect to an eligible dependent who is then confined in a hospital or other institution.

For complete benefit information see the booklet " The Health and Welfare Plan of the Nation's Railroads and the Railway Labor Organizations."

Please Note: GA-46000 (Retiree benefits) does not qualify for the new law that allows an employee to add a dependent up to age 26 to their policy. Only active plans (GA-23000, GA-107300) qualify for this expanded benefit. Additionally, GA-46000 is exempt from the new lifetime maximum Federal law. All GA-46000 policy holders receive annual notice advising of any increase to the lifetime cap, which is adjusted January 1 of each year. Effective January 1, 2011, the lifetime maximum will increase from $118,900 to $126,200.


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