Wabash Memorial Hospital Association



Insurance Provider:
Wabash Memorial Hospital Association
1501 North Water Street
P.O. Box 1340
Decatur, Illinois 62525
Administration office 1-888-800-9161
telephone 1-217-429-5246 costumer service
telephone 800-422-7711 emergency treatment & patient advocate

Health care is provided by Wabash Memorial Hospital Association to certain qualified union members that work under a WAB controlling agreement. Family members are not covered under this policy. They are covered under United HealthCare policy GA-23000. For emergency care treatment call Patient Advocate within 48 hours at 800-422-7711. For benefit verification call 217-429-5246.

All members are encouraged to call the Administration office to advise of a change of address. If not advised promptly, there could be a delay in the processing of your medical claims.

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