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You must use an IP Class Password to access the TCU Online Library Web Page. Once on the page you don't need a password to download files from our Website. However, you must use a password to decompress some of the files so thay can be read. Here is how to do that.

1. Download the file of your choice from our Web site in the normal manner.

2. After the file is successfully downloaded, open your Zip program.

3. With the Zip program open, click Options on the tool bar, then click Configuration.

4. When the Configuration window opens, select Password.

5. In the Password window enter the correct password. Then click the OK button.

Reminder -- At this point you have the password set. Remember to remove this password and click OK if you want to use the Zip program for any other purpose. If you do not remove the password and zip any files for your own use they will be encrypted and can only be opened by you or anyone else using our password.

To decompress and open the zip file(s) that you have downloaded.

6. In the Zip program click File on the tool bar, then select Open Archive. Direct the program to the folder where you downloaded the zip file to, click and highlight the file, then click the open button. That file will now appear in your Zip program window.

7. Click on the download file to highlight it, then click Edit on the tool bar, then select Extract.

8. Select a destination folder to place the decompressed, extracted file to, then click the OK button.

9. The file is now decompressed and extracted from the Zip file. All of our files are in WordPerfect version 6.1 format unless stated otherwise . Now you may close the Zip program and open WordPerfect, then open the file in the normal manner. If you do not have WordPerfect the files can be opened using MS Word, or several other popular word processors.

Note, some Zip files can have more than one file compressed together. If you do not have a Zip program on your computer, you may download one from our Web site for free. We recommend Super Zip version 1.0.

If you do not have a password return to the Library Entry Page to apply for one.


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Published by Heartland Lodge 6760
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, December 7, 1998
Revised August 29, 2012
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