Detroit, Michigan, June 1, 2016 - After a one and one-half year period, Mike Bleser has become the first member of the lodge to become president in two separate tenures. Mike first became president April 1, 2010 and held the office until December 31, 2014. Due to the office being vacated, Mike was elected as president during the May 2016 meeting. Needless to say Mike brings a ton of experience with him to the office. He is a proven leader who is dedicated to preserving quality within the craft and ensuring members work in a safe environment.

The lodge is thankful for Mike's leadership and appreciative to his wife lovely Linda for supporting Mike's decision to seek a second tenure as lodge president. 

Thank you Mike for your dedication and stewardship. 

Heartland Lodge 6760
Detroit District
Heartland Lodge 6760
Version 16.11.1
Detroit's Oakwood Yard
October 2016, three members of Lodge 6760 who collectively attained over 121 years of railroad experience retired from Detroit. Ricky Rowland (top L), Robert Hecmanczuk (bottom R) and Mathew Weldy (bottom L) were honored at a recent party for their years of service. Vice Local Chairman Kevin Mitchel presented Ricky, Bob and Matt with  retirement gifts representing their dedication to the union. Brothers Ricky Rowland and Robert Hecmancsuk each had 41 years of service. Brother Matt Weldy had 39 years of service. All three began their careers with Norfolk and Western Railway.