Contacting an Approved Federal Employers' Liability Act Attorney




The union's obligations to an injured member are to make certain the member is completely apprized of his or her rights under Federal Employers' Liability Act, and if the injured member seeks legal counsel, to direct the member to an experienced FELA attorney.

Our lodge officers recommend the following law firms to assist our members in FELA cases. These law firms are also approved by the Transportation Communications International Union. These firms will answer any FELA related questions that a member may have at no charge to the member. Should a TCU member hire one of these firms as legal counsel, the fees charged will not be greater than the fee schedule prescribed by TCU.

For FELA legal advice contact:

C. Marshall Friedman
Attorney at Law
Thirteenth Floor, 1010 Market Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63101
Call toll-free 1-800-233-7636
FAX 1-314-621-8843

Also see TCU's Designated Counsel Online Directory of approved law firms that will respond to your questions over the Internet.


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Published by Brotherhood Railway Carmen Division of TCU
Heartland 6760, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, August 16, 1996
Revised August 29, 2012