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What every railroad employee and spouse should know about the Federal Employers' Liability Act

In 1908, Congress passed the Federal Employers' Liability Act, (FELA). This law assures railroad employees a safe work place and gives them and their families the right to recover compensation if injured in a railroad related accident. Under FELA, injured employees can seek compensation for wage loss, future wage loss, medical expenses and treatments, pain and suffering, and for partial or permanent disability. If an employee is killed on the job, survivors are entitled to recover damages which they have suffered because of the death.

Below are topics of importance that railroad employees' and their families should be informed about.


The information from our orange booklet Know Your Rights is listed below in chapters. Content courtesy of C. Marshall Friedman, Attorney at Law.

Contact a Field Representative if you have questions or call
the office toll free at 800-233-7636.
Know your rights under FELA Keep a record
Going to court Do not sign a statement until...
Settling a claim Do you need a lawyer?
Advice about lawyers You cannot be fired
What to do if you are injured Contact an approved FELA Attorney

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