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April 23, 2015, Fort Wayne, Indiana - Heartland Lodge 6760 announces the resignation of Local Chairman Ben Whitt. Ben served the office well for 16 months. During his tenure Ben traveled to every major point under his jurisdiction correcting matters to benefit lodge members. We wish Ben well in his future endeavors.

As a result of Ben's resignation, President Christopher Pierce resigned as Lodge President and in accordance with the bylaws Vice President Shawn Fensler was elevated to the office of President. After taking the oath of office President Fensler appointed Past President Christopher Pierce to the office of Local Chairman of the Lodge pending a special election to fill the office permanently.

Congratulations to these two dedicated officers for stepping forward to serve our members.


December 31, 2014, Fort Wayne, Indiana – Heartland Lodge 6760 is pleased to announce that Christopher Pierce has become the 14th president of the lodge. President Pierce began his rail career in the late 1980s employed by Triple Crown. On March 12, 1990, Chris transferred to Norfolk Southern as a Student Carman at Fort Wayne. After earning his journeyman status, Brother Pierce became skilled in the craft and dedicated himself to learning every facet if the trade. He did it all with vigor and pride. When transferred to train yard inspection duties, Chris took the rule books home with him to study. In a short time he knew every rule and inspected every train by the book.

As time passed and senior carmen retired, Chris realized that the lodge needed some younger members to step forward to lead. Chris took on that challenge as well. In 2013 he became Vice President of the lodge. Under the direction of President Mike Bleser, Chris traveled to various points of the lodge to meet the members and listen to their concerns.

Brother Pierce is a dedicated husband, father, employee and officer. When on the job he is all business. As president of the lodge members can expect the same dedication and respect that Chris has displayed during his 25-year rail career.

Congratulations President Pierce, the lodge stands behind you.


Steve Wilhelm
Director of
Constitution & Laws

Kevin Hite presents an award to Steve Wilhelm
Wives and friends enjoying the good times
Lodge officers celebrate an evening of friendship, unity and true brotherly love
Former Lodge 6760 Local Chairman Steve Wilhelm Promoted to the office of Director Constitution & Laws at TCU Headquarters

Effective June 1, 2012, Assistant National Representative Steve Wilhelm will become the union's Director Constitution & Laws. National President Robert A. Scardelletti made the promotion announcement recently at TCU Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, which is where Steve Wilhelm's new office will be located. 

After relocating from Fort Wayne to Rockville, Brother Wilhelm will be working directly with Senior Executive Director Constitution & Laws, Dennis O’Malley until his retirement later this year. He will also be working directly with National President Scardelletti and National Secretary Treasurer Russ Oathout.

After serving his country in the United State Marine Corp, Steve Wilhelm began his rail career January 19, 1993, with Norfolk Southern at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Early in his career Steve became interested in union activities. He accepted his first union appointment as Secretary of the Local Protective Committee in June 1997. It did not take long for the Lodge to realize Steve's talents. Later that year he was elected as the Recording Secretary of the Lodge. As Steve's union experience grew he was given more responsibilities. In February 2002, Steve was promoted to Assistant Local Chairman of the Lodge, and in June 2003, he was tapped as Senior Assistance Local Chairman. In September 2004, Steve's representational skills earned him the office of Local Chairman of Counsel.  January 1, 2005, Steve was elected as Local Chairman of the Lodge. Just eleven months later he was elected as 3rd Vice General Chairman of Joint Protective Board 200. In January 2008 Steve Wilhelm was reelected to a second term as Local Chairman. With a near photographic memory, Steve Wilhelm has been described by his Local Chairman predecessor, Steven Pequignot as "a person you train one day, then learn from thereafter." On November 1, 2009, Steve was appointed to the office of Assistant National Representative. He worked with National Representative Roger Cain, handling cases and negotiating contracts for member in TCU's Unit 200. 

Steve Wilhelm has been a gift to Lodge 6760. He has represented our members above and beyond the call of duty. We are pleased to share him and his skills with the Grand Lodge.

On December 16, 2010, Steve Wilhelm received an award from Vice Local Chairman Kevin Hite, on behalf of the members of Lodge 6760 for the representing skills Brother Wilhelm demonstrated while representing lodge members and keeping the union a strong and united organization. Steve Wilhelm became the first member of Lodge 6760 to assume an International Office of the union. Since then he has been successful with many claim award cases on behalf of the members. With his new appointment Steve will become the first member of the Lodge to be promoted to the President's staff at TCU headquarters. 

Once the transition is complete, TCU Lodge 6047 Local Chairman Carl Lakin will replace Steve Wilhelm as the Assistant National Representative of Unit 200. 

The Lodge wishes both Steve Wilhelm and Carl Lakin continued success with their endeavors in their new offices. 
Local Chairman
Chris Pierce
Lodge President
Shawn Fensler